Developmental Conditions

As one of San Diego's best alternative health clinics, Microcurrent Healing offers therapy options for a wide variety of health concerns. *Microcurrent 4 Kids is the specific name of our pediatric neuro-developmental program.* Although we work with many conditions, your child's therapy program will always be tailored to their specific needs and your goals for their health and development. As a client at Microcurrent Healing your child will receive the special care that they deserve and our commitment to helping him/her attain their full developmental potential, in a caring, nurturing and supportive environment.

This technology is an effective option for many different childhood neuro-developmental disorders, learning disorders, and other mental health issues.

Some of the neuro-developmental issues we commonly see include:
  • Autism/Asperger's
  • Down Syndrome
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Tourette's Syndrome
  • Concussions*
  • Sensory Processing Disorder
  • Fetal Alcohol Syndrome
  • Dyslexia
  • Epilepsy
  • Developmental Delay

To understand the scientific process of how this technology works to improve these conditions, visit our Science page.

*Please read below about our special offer for concussions!

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Therapy Program

Our program uses the most advanced microcurrent device on the market today, the Electro-Equiscope! It is equipped with 4 computers that scan the body for low-conductivity and adjust the output accordingly, making it the fastest, most effective mirocurrent device available!!

Our sessions last 20-30 minutes and incorporate your child’s interests, play, and relaxation into the therapy. We also make vital nutritional and behavioral recommendations (when necessary) in order to compliment the microcurrent's effects. This combination of modalities increases and speeds results, saving you time and money, and most importantly allowing you to see positive changes in your child sooner. Generally, a therapy program consists of three, 30-minute sessions done on consecutive days, every week for 4 weeks.* These consecutive sessions have a cumulative effect, which in most cases leads to a significant decrease in challenging behaviors and a substantial increase in attention and focus. For many patients 12 therapy sessions are sufficient to create lasting improvements. However, depending on the patient, the condition and its severity, more sessions may be necessary to see improved results, and regular follow-up appointments may be needed to maintain results.

*Autism and other globally delayed/affected patients are most positively impacted with 36 or more sessions.

Concussions: We take them Seriously

More and more data continues to pour in about the danger of concussions and subconcussive injuries. And the potential for long-term effects exponentially increases with each new head trauma. Click here for a list of scholarly articles discussing these very serious side-effects such as difficulty concentrating and attending, working-memory impairment, mood and personality changes, reduced inhibition, and even delayed or disorganized sensory and perceptual processing.

Due to the frightening number of pediatric concussions reported each year, and the serious implications of this type of injury, Microcurrent Healing will provide one free therapy session to any child who is diagnosed with a concussion. Simply call to make an appointment and bring your concussion diagnosis (or medical release paperwork) with you.

Autism Research Study

From June-September 2014, MC4K conducted a study of our Electro-Equiscope microcurrent protocol’s effectiveness as a therapy for Autism. Virtually all of our patients showed improvements in key areas as a result of this therapy (eye contact and cognitive functioning, expressive language skills, etc), with an amazing 93% of them experiencing dramatic developmental gains after only a few months. Their confidence and self-esteem blossomed and many showed less over-all anxiety. Additionally, all patients showed improvements in critical thinking and problem solving, social awareness and empathy, and/or fine motor skills and spatial relations. Parents, teachers, speech therapists, and family and friends of all our patients were amazed by the rapid growth they witnessed in such a short period of time.

Some statistics from our study:

**Participants were scored at the beginning and end of the three-month study on the ATEC (Autism Treatment Evaluation Checklist), recommended and provided by the Autism Research Institute, which scores children’s behaviors between 0 and 154 (with 154 being the highest score = most impaired).**

  • • Participants categorized as high functioning scored between a 31 and 47 at the start of the study. By the end of their three-month treatment course they all scored between a 4 and an 8.
  • • The participants categorized as low functioning and scored between 75 and 98 at the start, all scored between a 22 and 37 by the end of the study.
  • • Only one statistical outlier deviated from these drastic results, yet he still showed an overall 17.5% improvement in his scores, decreasing from 101 to 75.

If you are interested in hearing more about how this therapy can help your child, please contact us today!